Done some dyeing / färgat lite

13112015-DSC_2075Last week I finally did some dyeing of embroidery floss. Together with my friend, who’s done thread dyeing quite a lot, mostly woollen yarn for knitting, we took a day in her laundry room. This time we would tray dye cotton floss.

11112015-DSC_2065 11112015-DSC_2067 11112015-DSC_2066In plastic trays we did som intricate arranging. Then we did everything according to the book.

It was great fun, and I got just the type of yarns I was yearning for.


one of Ulla’s bunch

This I wil try to do much more, here at home.

I just have to finish my annual atelier cleaning. Which will take all week.


Ulla at work

Förra veckan var det så äntligen dags att försöka sig på att färga broderigarner. hemma hos vännen Ulla, i hennes tvättstugerum, gick vi loss. Ulla har färgat mycket, mest yllegarn till stickning.

Denna gång skulle vi “brickfärga” bomullsgarner.

11112015-DSC_2064Vi förde noggrant anvisningar i boken, och resultatet blev precis som jag hoppats. Underbara broderitrådar!

13112015-DSC_2079 13112015-DSC_2078 13112015-DSC_2077

Det här ska jag snarast fortsätta med här hemma. jag måste bara först bli klar med min årliga städning av ateljén!13112015-DSC_2078


One response to “Done some dyeing / färgat lite

  1. These colours are so beautiful. I would love to try dying some threads as well. I read that some people dye with coolaid packets. Can you share some ideas with me please? 😊

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