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jag II 003

I am an embroiderer.

An artist with a never ending love för the textile media, who has chosen free, creative embroidery for my artistic expression.

But why embroidery? Why not pastel crayons, oil or water color?

Because the textile materials, the thread, can express so much more. And because there is so little to it: just some fabric, some threads, a needle.

The textile story has its roots way down in the human soil, it has been with mankind since the beginning. It is in the making of baskets, in the knotting of rugs, in the weaving and in the making of clothes.

The stitch is simple, it is basic and I can feel a connection, a female heritage, handes down from women living their life long before me.

I can do embroidery jsut everywhere. I can do embroidery in many different ways. I can create.one.

My way of doing it consists of doing many, many stitches. This stubborn, never ending stitching up and down lets me go into timelessness, into a cosmos of my own, a meditation, that gives me peaceIt does not permit shortcuts. But instead of taking tme, it gives me time. Time to reflect, time to consider, time to rest from the whole wide worlds exitements.

Actually, I do paint! But not with brushes and colors from the tube. My colors are stacked in the shelfs in my studio, they are all tangeled up in boxes, they are hidden away in big sacks, waiting for their time. I take a red color,a  blue, a yellow one. The color can be soft as silk and cotton, it can be velvety. It is shiny, it is dull, it glitters, it is as thin as the fog in an automn morning, and it it coarse and hard and steely. It is everything i feel fore and want.

I cut my fabric, i take my pins, i baste together, I do the stitches. I put layers upon layers, I use tull for the effects that reminds of pinting, My material is sensual, nice to touch. This tactileness is important, it is the essence and the soul of textile. I often do big pictures, that I need to braek down into smaller pieces so I can work them. Big things ned planning, scetching, patience. Inbetween I do the small pictures, the ones so handy, I can create them freely in the here and now.

They are like small happy jumps of joy!






  1. Fint Henriette! Men jag saknar en gillaknapp…

  2. Hej Henriette!
    Vill gärna komma i kontakt med dig för att diskutera ett förslag.
    Skicka gärna mig din epost adress så återkommer jag med mitt förslag
    Mvh/ Jonas Nilsson

  3. Paula Almqvist

    Hej Hamnade av en slump bland dina fantastiska broderier. En så kurs skulle jag också vilja gå på .

  4. A lovely body of work. So love the birch trees and the ‘Fairy garden’. Linda, Cornwall UK

  5. Anneli Berwick

    Hej, jag undrar om det blir tillfälle till broderi kurs eller workshop snart ? Jag skulle jättegärna vilja vara med.
    Hälsningar Anneli

    • hej, så roligt! Det blir efter sommaren, efter att jag haft mina två kurser i Svalöv på Fridhems folkhögskola och före jag åker till Kreta för Inger Carlssons och min gemensamma kurs då.Maila mig gärna så kan jag hålla dig informerad! henrietteousback@gmail.com

  6. Anna-Lena

    Är dina arbeten sålda? Hur går man till väga om man vill köpa?

    • hej, borde kanske ha priser på bilderna! En del är sålda, andra har jag kvar. Säljer vanligen på utställningar eller till konstföreningar, om de har lusta tt ta sig hit till mig. Är du intresserad av ngt speciellt hör gärna av dig.

  7. Anna-Lena Edlund

    Hej! Jag hade glömt att jag skrivit till dig och missat ditt svar. Jag skrev även under Korpbröderna. Tycker så mycket om den. Finns den till salu?

  8. Barbara Richards

    I really admire your nature inspired embroidery as the same themes also inspire me in my textile work. LOVE your Forest Floor pieces and your Lichen series just perfect!

  9. Hello I love your work, how can I buy one of your bowls please ?

  10. juliette

    magnificent, thank you!

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